The Caldwell Arms

Tucson's Most Exclusive English Pub
fancy a pint me old mucker?


While vacationing in England we visited several pubs and found the atmosphere charming and the beer excellent. Not able to find a local substitute we built our own in a spare room. Starting as a bit of pub decor, the room quickly evolved into a full-fledged, fully stocked pub. In 2005, the Caldwell Arms was officially completed. The pub decor has grown as we've taken more trips to England and friends have brought us new and unique items. So we're sure it will never really be 'done'.

Since then we've had many old and new friends over to the pub and get to enjoy our little piece of England much more than we thought we ever would.


Transforming the room from an extra bedroom to a pub took us a little over a month. The exterior took a few more weeks and the changes have been ongoing ever since. Most of the signs, fixtures, and decor came directly from England. has been a great source for finding these items. Some items, like the fruit machine, took quite a bit more effort to find and ship over.

Once the pub was done (mostly), we remodeled the next bedroom into an English Bed & Breakfast in the tudor cottage style. To finish the theme, and make the entire hallway into a street scene, the bathroom became a public toilet for the Queensway bus stop.

Website Updated

Our website has been updated to a new format (MVC5) that is not only faster and better looking, but the web site is now compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

2016 Trip Photos

New photos have been added for the Star Wars Europe Celebration 2016 and our adjoining trip to England, Scotland, Iceland, & Greenland.

We're Floored

The carpet has finally been replaced in the pub. To add authenticity, the new hardwood was actually layed over a thin layer of real British soil.

Photos Added

New photos have finally been added for the 2015 Guy Fawkes party and our 2015 cruise of Alaska.

The Beer

Trying new British Ales here and abroad has been a favorite part of stocking the little pub. While we currently have over 100 different ales from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland it's always fun to find a new candidate. Take a look at the current ales available here.

In recent years the amount of imports available here has been on the decline. If you have seen a place with a good selection please let us know!